About the Artist
RB McGrath  Artist/ Painter, Author

Painting style:  Eclectic.   Contemporary Realism, Impressionism, Abstract
                                         Portraiture, Still Life, Landscape and Marine

Awards:            2012 - City Council, City of Jacksonville
                                   Award of Appreciation: "for your love of art and music expressed to your City,
                                                                          State, and Nation through canvas and paint brush, that
                                                                          helps to create a more human world."
                                                                                        Gary Fletcher, Mayor
                         2011 -  Winner - "The Royals Art Race" sponsored by Ovation Television
                         2009 -  FAA Howard Shull Int'l Portrait Competition - First Place
                         2007 -  Winner -  Empty Bowls Cover Art.  L.R., AR
                         2006 -  Quadruple Award Winner - ASF Creative Arts Competition, AR
                                       Best in Show - Trail Rider  (Landscape with Figure)
                                       First Place -     Landscape  (Trail Rider)
                                       First Place -     Still Life      (Still Life with Radio, Wine and Fruit)
                                       First Place -     Realism      
Still Life - Violin

Public Art Projects:      2013:   The Fallen Heros Memorial Garden. Monument and Garden Design.
                                                Location: Jacksonville Fire and Police Complex. Jacksonville, AR
                                     2014:   Jacksonville Historical District Project.  Renderings of District Locations.
                                     2013:   Jacksonville Landscape Paintings Permanent Exhibit:   City Hall Lobby
                                                                                                                                        Jacksonville, AR

Commercial Art Projects:

           Cover Art and Design - 2014: "New Directions" Alan Storeygard Trio CD
           Cover Art and Design - 2012:  IBLA Grand Prize Concert DVD
           Cover Art and Design - 2010:  IBLA Grand Prize Concert DVD
           Cover Art 
- Still Life with Radio, Wine and Fruit for Radio Time, Poems by
                                           2009-2014 New Hampshire Poet Laureate W.E. Butts
                                           Published by: Cherry Grove Collections.  2011                           
Cover Art, Design and Photography for "Third Time's A Charm"
                                           Alan Storeygard Trio Jazz CD.  Released May 2nd, 2010.
                                           Cover: Portrait of Alan Storeygard. Back cover: photographic portrait of
                                           the Alan Storeygard Trio.  Booklet: Photographic portraits of:
                                           Dave Rogers-Drummer, Brian Wolverston-Bassist and Broadway Star
                                           Lawrence Hamilton - vocalist.

Shows:              Wealth Management, Inc. Presents - The Art of RB McGrath
                          2010 Winter Art Exhibit and Wine Event.  Solo show.  March 5, 2010

Books &
Paintings. A Collection of the Works of RB McGrath.  Blurb Publishing.  2011
  ICON The Art of RB McGrath.  Blurb Publishing -  2009
Everyone Pees in the Shower - A Daily Boost to Your Personal Growth.
Blurb Publishing, 2014

Selected Corporate and Public  Collections:

     William Jefferson Clinton Foundation, Choctaw Bldg. Clinton Presidential Center.  Little Rock, AR
     City of Jacksonville, Arkansas. City Hall
     Governor's Mansion Permanent Collection, State of Arkansas, Little Rock
     Central Arkansas Library System Public Collection
     Performance Food Group - Little Rock, AR
     Pathfinder Incorporated Corporate Headquarters - Jacksonville, Arkansas

Selected Private Collections:

     Mr. and Mrs. David Stoos.  Minneapolis, Minnesota
     Mayor Gary Fletcher and Mrs. Glenda Fletcher, Jacksonville, AR
     Joe Copeland, Regional President, Performance Food Group, and Lynn Copeland, L.R., AR
     Joan Tyler Zumwalt collection, Jacksonville, AR
     Dr. Alan and Paula Storeygard, Jacksonville, AR
     Salvatore Moltisanti - IBLA Foundation - New York
     Sherman Banks, Banks Int'l Consulting, Little Rock, AR
     Collection of Roger and JoAnn Utley, Sherwood, AR
     Collection of Bill and Saundra Buchannan Gethz - The Dalles, Oregon
     Theresa Everett - Washington, D.C.
     Charles and Sherry Vanlandingham - N.L.R., AR
     Robert and Tommi Fell  -N.L.R., AR
     Lou and Gloria Lewonowski - Jacksonville, AR
     Robert E. and Mary Carlson - Montgomery, AL
     Anita Cross - N.L.R., AR
     Barbara Rhine Collection - Wilmington, Deleware
     Collection of Mrs. Mary Ford - Austin, AR
     Robert Murphy Collection - St. John's, NFLD
     Darrin and Kathleen King - England, AR
     Tom and Mary Henry - Little Rock, AR

Brief bio:

      RB McGrath was born in a small fishing village named Branch, on the southern coast of the Avalon Penninsula on the island of Newfoundland.  Born to an American Air Force father and a Newfoundland Mother, the family relocated to LRAFB in Jacksonville, Arkansas when McGrath was fourteen years of age.

      McGrath's artistic pursuits began in the 1980's in Boston where the artist painted a large mural entitled "Mother Earth" for a facility at Northeastern University.  In recent years McGrath's "Portrait of
President William Jefferson Clinton in Profile" has been installed in the Clinton Foundation offices of the Choctaw Building at the Clinton Presidential Center. McGrath works are in public, private and corporate collections throughout the United States and Canada. In 2010 McGrath's "Portrait of Salvatore Moltisanti", Founder and President of the IBLA Foundation, was installed in the IBLA Foundation Headquarters in New York City.

     McGrath's current project is a thirty piece collection of works entitled SHIFT - A Paradigm of Masters of the Arts, in which the Artist is painting portraits of other Artists.  The exhibit will include past masters of the genres of visual, musical and performance arts along side current, contemporary masters  who McGrath believes will dominate the next century of high arts.  The collection will include portraits of Freud, Picasso, Warhol and other past contemporary masters, alongside current emerging masters including Richard Miceli of New York, Mike Street of Los Angeles, Craig Sibley of Santa Monica, CA, Elin Kolev of Germany, Patrick Gallo of Brooklyn, NY, Oscar Saenz III of San Antonio and others.

     An avid amateur musician, McGrath also plays violin and cello and is a prolific supporter of visual arts and music education.  The Artist' long term goal is the creation of a Center for the Arts for the city of Jacksonville, which will house a museum of fine art with a permanent collection, an art school, a music school and a performance hall.  


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Portrait of William Jefferson Clinton in Profile
35.5 x 48".  Oil on cavas
Clinton Presidential Center, Clinton Foundation
Little Rock, Arkansas
Mona Lisa, after Leonardo
21x30 inches.  Oil on wood support
RB McGrath 2012
RB McGrath Atelier et Galarie
Seated Woman
20 x 24 inches.  Oil on canvas
RB McGrath Atelier et Galarie
Arc Angel Micheal and the Mermaid
30 x 40 inches.  Acrylic and oil on canvas
RB McGrath Atelier et Galarie
Still Life of Violin.
24x30".  Oil on canvas
RB McGrath 2006

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